Film Camps



Our Filmmaking Camp  runs for 3 weeks in July and it is aimed to teens 13-18.

All our staff is made out of professional crew members working in the TV, Theatre and Film industry including Walking Dead SFX artist and Original White Walker from Game of Thrones Ross Mullan, award winning DOPs and directors .

For over 20 years Nova summer camps offer our participants a unique experience full of fun and excitement, entering the world of professional filmmaking and creating amazing movies.

Nova's European Youth Cultural Project was  developed in 1993 and works with a group of professionals  who have have over 20 years experience working with teens and young adults.  Our  program  encourages children and teens from all nationalities to freely develop their creativity in a safe and supportive environment
We work alongside  experienced working actors, cinema directors, script writers, editors, musicians, SFX artists and choreographers to  ensure our program is one of the best around. 

How Dare You Summer Camp 2019

Milly Summer Camp 2017

A fish out of Water  Summer Camp 2019

Unsound Mind Summer Camp 2018